Six fitness workout tips for people over 30

1. Always warm-up before training

Warming up the body and rubbing the muscles, starting with small weights, is extremely necessary for bodybuilders to prevent ligament injuries, muscle relaxation. If not boot will not provide enough oxygen needed for the body, thereby leading to injuries and exhaustion. Especially exercising in cold weather, the more you need to warm up as well as warm the body to flexible joints, hot muscles.

2. Interested in quality and perceived results
Figure 1: Six fitness workout tips for people over 30

When doing weight lifting exercises, do not be too "heavy" about the number but feel how the muscles work. This monitoring process has a positive impact on the elasticity and resilience of the muscles later, so do not overwork.

3. Practicing with injuries

Entering the age of 30 is the time you face problems related to muscle, bone, and joint problems. Therefore, consult a bodybuilder to select exercises that support the development of bones and joints and practice "living with floods" to maintain supple health.

4. Pay attention to the diet
Figure 2: Six fitness workout tips for people over 30

Abuse of carbonated drinks or eating lots of sweets will make you grow old quickly, and the risk of chronic diseases is unavoidable. So, plan for a complete diet and provide enough water for the body. Also, it is advisable to add vegetable juice, vitamin C, foods rich in protein, calcium to keep the body full of energy, increase resistance to prevent disease.

5. Pay attention to your leg and back muscles

Legs and back are two very vulnerable parts if you regularly choose high-intensity exercises that put high pressure on your back and knees. Instead, use chairs in combination with simple tasks to avoid unintended accidents. Moreover, the frequency of workout needs to be suitable for the body to have time to rest, and the excellent recovery muscles will reduce the risk of encountering unfortunate injuries.