30 Days Transforming Your Body From Home.

With smartphone health and fitness apps getting more and more sophisticated, there are some pretty good ones if you are looking for an effective way to lose weight at home. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to 74Workout, the fitness app for all of you that like lose the unwanted weight at home in just 30 days. Read and learn more about it.

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What is 74Workout?

74Workout is a workout-challenge app focusing on providing our users a chain of exercises from low- middle- intense impact to their bodies to burn calories, stay in shape and get dream bodies just from home.

Super simple and yet highly effective, the app offers professional courses and guides for working out from home to get your dream bodies. Just follow the exercises from day 1 to day 30 to reach your goal.

Our Progress

Great Application Ever

This 30 day workout challenge app offers you the chance to lose the unwanted weight and burn belly fat from the comfort of your phone in just 30 days. Developed on the Android platform, super easy to use, it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket that will guide you with effective professional courses to lose weight and get the body from your dreams. Follow the exercises and lose the weight.

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Who is it for?

For every people who wants to burn calories to have great shape and healthy body. If you ever feel like you don't have time to go to the gym or you don't know where to start, which exercises to take, 74Workout is definitely the best solution for that. Our app designs you a roadmap with various workout videos to achieve your dream body goal within a month exercising with us. "

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Powerful Features As Always

100 Workout Exercises

For beginners and pros. 30 day fitness challenges for beginners and pros.

Motivation Music

Play high quality workout non-stop music

Full Body Workout

Variety of routines and exercises for all body parts.

Workout Reminder

Easily create workout reminders. Reminder notification will be sent at the right time.

Workout Report

Count calories and set targets.

Tracking weight loss

Track the weight loss progress in graphs.


Our Users Love This App



5 stars!! Great selection of workouts ! I'm using the lower body and legs exercises now. Once I'm in better shape, I'll add the planks. I add alarms to remind me to move at work and to work out at home. I just started using the meal planning, shopping, monitoring feature. I love that all 3 of these.

Dena Benker


I have never finished the whole time line, but it works. I am a mother of three and sometimes it just gets tough to do me. having this as away to get back what I had and see the results is a great feeling. I'm thankful! just keep with it and after two weeks you can see the difference. I know I did!



Challenging, but i love it because it pushes you to do better in your life in a healthy way. i love that is has reminders to let you know hey it's time to work out. wish we didn't have to pay for the more advance stuff but other than i love it and will be telling my siblings to download.

Ashekur Rahman


It's a nice app, really following through with the workouts, I love the 30 seconds break in between. Nice work. More workouts for the tummy, Thanks.

Aisha Alawa


The app is good, I really like it at first I was very exhausted but I didn't give up until now I am still in it, it does help. Very helpful I believe that anyone can do it. All the best👍

Jane Lawrence


Have free plan. Creat profile based on body type and weight questions. Gives workouts (option for warm up and cool down). Rate workout based on if it was to easy,perfect, to hard. Thwn, of you loved it. You tailor your workouts.

Our Exercise


The best thing is that our workout from home app has workouts for all levels: beginner, intermediate, full. Enjoy the best workouts for the upper body, arm workout, butt workout, lose fat belly workouts and a full-body workout. The fitness exercises free app is suitable for both beginners and pros and don’t require any equipment. Short and effective, each fitness exercise will make you sweat and maximize fat burning.

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Full body workout

Designed exercises for your full body workout day. Focus on improve your strength as well as your body evenly.

Part of body workout:

Specific training for your arms, legs, shoulders, thighs, butt to enhance the muscles you want to put focus on.

Cardio, HIIT:

Burning calories to refresh your energy and lose your unwanted weights.

7x4 workout challenge

74Workout stand for 7 days 4 weeks workout with us. Our team has developed a special training program to enhance your body significantly within one month.

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