Top 8 habits that make you hate in the gym.

Bad habits can make many people want you to disappear from the gym.

Choose exercise machines next to others, even though there are many empty machines.

One of the things gymer feels uncomfortable. When practicing a treadmill, most people want to have private space to run and breathe.

If the gym still has a lot of empty treadmills, you should not choose a machine next to others. No one likes to run and hear the other people's panting right next to them.

Stay close to other people who are practicing to wait for your turn.

At peak times, the gym crowd, so many people can share gym equipment. However, you should not stand too far and keep a safe distance from your partner unless they ask for your support. No one likes being "urged" in such an impolite manner.

Do not stand next to others while they are exercising, keeping a safe distance unless you are asking for support.

Figure 1: Top 8 habits that make you hate in the gym.

Occupy a place even without a need to use

Many gymer want to save time when performing continuous exercises with many different devices. Therefore, they have the "initiative" to put towels or a personal item on the training equipment to take place, not let others practice even though they do not need to use it immediately.


Rivals once complained of tennis star Maria Sharapova because she screamed too loud every time the tee shot made them lose focus. In the gym, also.

Excessive screaming will distract others. You can shout if you set a new weightlifting record, but if you practice while screaming, you will make others look at you with unfriendly eyes.

Play loud music without using headphones

Listening to music is a habit during the practice of many gymer because the songs have lively rhythms that are easy to inspire practice. However, you should use headphones instead of turning on external speakers. Not everyone has the same "taste" of music with you to respond to

Shouting, turning on music using external speakers, or throwing devices around are bad habits. 

Dispose of the equipment wildly, not in the right place

Not returning the device to its original position after use is one of the best things in the gym. The gym always requires high self-discipline of the practitioner. The habit of the civilizing gym is to store weights or equipment right after the exercise.

Talking on the phone is too loud.

The phone is an indispensable item in modern life today. If you force to use your phone to make calls, you should choose a private space to make calls because your conversation can distract others.

After working out, jump into the pool without covering yourself.

In swimming pools, rinsing before swimming in a pool is a universal rule to keep the tank sanitary. However, many people rush into the pool after changing swimwear without bathing. Do not turn the pool into your pool, especially when you have just finished the gym, who is still not sweaty.